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Car Caddy: Front or Back Seat – free pattern

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Free sewing pattern and tutorial for this car seat caddy organiser. My kids are going to love these. I'm going to personalise them, fill them with coloring supplies and small toys and present them for our road trip. Should keep them busy and me sane! Great sewing idea.

ROOOOOAAAAADDDDD TRIIIIPPPPP! It’s the perfect time to load up your family and friends and hit the open road. But first you have some ‘stuff’ you need to organize for the trip: tunes, cell phone, scribbled notes, tickets, pens, snacks, your wallet, etc., etc., etc.

If you skip this important organizational step, here’s what will happen: You are driving, keeping your eyes on the road (of course), and you reach out to grab something from the pile of stuff, but can’t quite reach it/find it without rear-ending the truck in front of you. Instead… the needed item falls off the seat, lodging somewhere between the seat and the door. Feel free to jump in here and repeat the words you shout in your car.

Our spiffy car caddy is designed to organize your stuff, improve your driving safety, and look cute as can be all at the same time. It straps around the seat’s headrest, so you can attach it to the front or the back. Hanging off the back, you can fill it up with little games and snacks to keep the kids occupied, cutting down the “Are we there yet??” requests to a minimum.

Or attach it to the front of the passenger seat to keep all of your supplies neat and tidy, and easily to hand for when you are busy and on the road. Now nothing slides off the seat onto the floor – saved!

Materials needed:

Find the pattern and full tutorial here