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FREE Origami Fan Skirt sewing tutorial & pattern (any size)

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FREE Origami Fan Skirt sewing pattern (any size)

This Origami fan skirt was named due to its construction technique. Basically, you take a rectangle and fold it until it resembles a fan shape. Very easy to make and a lot of fun if you are a fan of the Japanese art of folding paper into decorative shapes and figures. Now, you can use the technic to make a skirt. Pretty amazing, right?

FREE Origami Fan Skirt sewing pattern (any size)
The ancient Japanese method is used to make this skirt. The method should work for any size, both for a child or an adult. That means you can make matching skirts for you and for your daughter! It can be quite difficult to find store-bought matching outfits, but with this tutorial, it will be a breeze to make one!

You can make this skirt any length you choose. The creator of this pattern chose to show us a knee-length skirt. But, you can also make it mini or maxi with just adding more, or less fabric.

Approximate main skirt panel lengths for children for a knee-length skirt:
  • 6-12 months = 7″
  • 12-18 months = 7.5″
  • 18-24 months = 8″
  • 2t = 8.5″
  • 3t = 9″
  • 4t = 9.5″
  • 5 = 10″
  • 6 = 10.5″
  • 7 = 11″
  • 8 = 11.5″
  • 9/10 = 12″

What you will need to make this Origami Fan Skirt:

The fabric requirements vary quite a bit depending on the size you make, so the creator of this pattern has some calculations for us that she suggests that we should do first. You can find them on the button below with the full FREE tutorial.

FREE Origami Fan Skirt sewing pattern (any size)

This skirt has a flat, zippered waistband and a contoured bottom band. The best part of all is you don’t need a pattern! You can access the full FREE tutorial by clicking on the button below. The designer of this free tutorial is Hayley, from Rock The Stitch. Her step-by-step tutorial includes lots of photos, showing us how we can make her Origami Fan Skirt. Hayley was a guest sewing designer on the Welcome To The Mouse House website.

Click here to get the FREE pattern

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