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Stuffed Giraffe Toy sewing pattern

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Stuffed toy giraffe plushie sewing pattern

In our opinion, one of the most fun things you can sew for children is soft toys. The sewing pattern we recommend today is for these stuffed giraffes.  They are cuddly, full of personality, fun, adorable, and great for kids of all ages. Darn it – I want one too. He’d look good on my nightstand and I could use him to hold my watch and jewelry while I sleep. Why should the kids get all the fun?

This giraffe could become a much-loved favorite toy and appreciated for years. Longer lasting than sewing an item of clothing which the young ones will grow out of in no time. Often these smaller projects are great for using up your smaller fabric pieces and scraps too, or even ideal for recycling old clothing, especially soft fabrics like t-shirts and pajamas.

Stuffed toy giraffe plushie sewing pattern
Finished giraffe size: Approximately 16”(40cm) high x 7” (18cm) long
Skill level: Some sewing experience helpful

Although this pattern makes a giraffe at 16 inches tall as standard, you can make him smaller if you like by printing the pattern at a lower percentage. Instead of printing at ‘actual size’ use 80% to make him 20% smaller. Easy!

Materials and tools you need:-

Get the giraffe sewing pattern here

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It's so much fun to sew toys and they make the perfect handmade gifts. We've saved lots of our favorite toy sewing patterns here to our Pinterest board. You can follow the board below, and don't forget to save some of the ideas to your own boards for later. Happy sewing.