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Reversible Skirt FREE sewing tutorial

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Reversible Skirt FREE sewing tutorial


This is the Reversible Skirt FREE sewing tutorial from the designer Dana from Made Everyday.

She designed this skirt for one of her daughters who only wants to wear skirts. This skirt comes with a real added bonus, as its name suggests, as it has been designed to be reversible which is a super idea.

Making a reversible skirt is a simple concept but this is the first time Dana has done it! If you follow her simple steps you too will end up with a summer skirt with two personalities.


Reversible Skirt FREE sewing tutorial


One of the first and most important steps is to choose two cute fabrics!

Dana used quilting cotton for both layers, but you could use many different types of fabric for this like – silky fabrics, lace, rayon, knits, etc. Dana used 1-yard of each fabric, for her 7-year old daughter, with a 22-inch waist.

The dimensions of the skirt are up to you, but I think this skirt is extra fun when it’s extra full. So Dana likes to make the finished total width four times the waist measurement, which means you will cut each fabric piece two times the waist measurement.

Dana points out that it’s important that both skirts are exactly the same dimensions and size. If any fabric shifts as you sew, no worries. Just keep trimming and “squaring up” the pieces so they stay the same size as you go. This skirt is very forgiving.


Reversible Skirt FREE sewing tutorial


If you would like to download the FREE pattern you can click on the purple button below. 


Click here for the FREE pattern

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