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Giant Cotton Candy Costumes FREE sewing tutorial

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This is the Giant Cotton Candy Costumes FREE sewing tutorial from the designer Made Everyday.

Oh my gosh, this might be the designer’s favorite costume duo yet! So, here’s the scoop: Lucy, her daughter, and her awesome buddy Savannah, came up with the most genius Halloween costume idea – they wanted to be cotton candy! One pink; one blue. I mean, can you even resist that level of sweetness? The designer couldn’t! She had a soft spot for spray paint and candy, and was absolutely over the moon!

You know what’s awesome? Halloween costumes have this magical power to bring people together! It’s like a worldwide costume party waiting to happen.

The designer said what if the world just decided to dress up as adorable donuts and ice cream cones, and we all went around giving high-fives? Okay, that might be a tad overly optimistic and simplistic, but hey, it’s a fun thought!

But seriously, watching these girls walk around the neighborhood last night as giant balls of cotton candy definitely brought joy to everyone around. Who wouldn’t want to be a real life, cotton candy ball of joy too?? What fun!!

So where did the inspiration for the costume come from? It came from the designer’s daughters cousin Addison, who dressed up as cotton candy at last years Halloween. Her costume had fluffy bits of cotton candy (stuffing) everywhere. Her sister-in-law Nicole did such an adorable job making it. You could just imagine picking off some pieces from the costume and eating them!

So the fluffy bits of cotton candy (stuffing) is one way you can make a Cotton Candy outfit. Spray paint a bunch of poly fill stuffing, and then spray-glue it to a shirt or sweatshirt, and add some batting inside too. Or you could be a smooth rolled Cotton Candy ball.

Or you could do a “low volume” version for school, which is what her daughter wore during the day. She got a few comments like, you’re a snow cone? Ice cream cone? Unicorn? To make it work better the designer should have added a bit of the pink batting to her shirt.

So what supplies should you use? The designer says your style of cotton candy will determine what kind of batting you need. Just find what works for you at the fabric or craft store. Then grab some spray adhesive and spray paint!

Finally, the beauty of this costume is that it can look “messy”.

If you would like to download the FREE tutorial you can click on the purple button below.

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