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Fleece Football Hat FREE sewing pattern

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FREE sewing pattern for the Fleece Football Hat


This is a FREE sewing pattern for a Fleece Football Hat.

We’ve brought you lots of kid’s sewing patterns over the years from this awesome designer, Ashley from Make It & Love It, and this one is a quick and easy project that will surely make your kid super happy and nice and warm on those cold winter days.

It’s designed to be made with fleece, which is nice and warm and has a nice stretch to it. It’s better if the hat fits snuggly and the Fleece Football Hat is perfect for all sizes of heads. 

With this hat, there’ll be no more air sneaking in to freeze those little ears.

As Ashley says – it’s a pretty simple construction and not much more than a dollar or two. Not bad.


FREE sewing pattern for the Fleece Football Hat


Ashley’s posts are always full of excellent sewing tips, etc. Here are just a few for the Fleece Football Hat FREE sewing pattern:-

Make sure to use a zig-zag stitch so that the hat opening can still stretch. A straight stitch won’t allow the fabric to stretch anymore.

Be sure to cut your hat shape with the stretch of the fleece going left to right (not up and down) so that it stretches around the head, not up and over the head.

And remember, when creating the curve of the hat, it’s better if the hat fits a little snug. This will help round out the hat to a 3D shape as it stretches. While on the head if you see that it puckers out excessively along the curved seam, turn it inside out again, and take it in a little bit where it puckers, and then trim off the excess fabric. Try it on again and see how it looks.


FREE sewing pattern for the Fleece Football Hat


If you would like to download the pattern you can click on the purple button below. 


Click here for the FREE pattern

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