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Two methods for matching stripes when sewing – FREE tutorial

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FREE sewing tutorial showing you two methods for matching stripes when sewing


Here’s a fabulous FREE sewing tutorial from the very talented designer Maybe She Made It.

This awesome piece of training shows you how to match stripes when sewing. And you won’t just get one method the generous designer gives us all two methods.

So as the designer says – have you ever bought a striped shirt or skirt and then realized once you were home that the stripes don’t match up? It’s annoying and doesn’t look great and when you’re paying for clothes you want them to look right, not cheap.

The absolute exact same principle applies when you’re sewing. When you match up those stripes it looks awesome, and there’s a great sense of accomplishment when you’ve matched them up perfectly.


FREE sewing tutorial showing you two methods for matching stripes when sewing


But exactly how should you cut out your pieces of fabric so the stripes match up every time?

If you’re trying for the first time or if you’re not comfortable matching stripes yet, the designer recommends that you test out both methods on scrap fabric to find which method works best for you.

What is most important is that whichever method you choose make sure that if you’re cutting on a fold that your stripes are matched up exactly before cutting or they’ll never match up after.


FREE sewing tutorial showing you two methods for matching stripes when sewing


The first method is a great way to get precise results while understanding how the fabric repeats.

The second method takes more time since you’ll be cutting your pieces open instead of folded but it’s easier to visually see that you’ve got things lined up. This method is especially great when the stripe pattern is more complex. So if you’re unsure about whether you’re matching up, use the second method.

Of course, you’ll find which method works best for you when matching stripes. The designer actually often merges the two methods.

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