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Stuffed Unicorn sewing pattern

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Stuffed Unicorn sewing pattern

UNICORNS! Do we need to say more? Well, yes I suppose we should, although if you love to sew toys and you know someone who loves unicorns then you probably already know that you NEED this pattern!

This is one of this designer’s most popular digital downloads and we can totally see why. You can make your own adorable felt toys with this printable Stuffed Unicorn or Horse Sewing Pattern. This project is a wonderful introduction for beginners to sewing your own stuffed animals, and with this simple pattern you have a choice of the unicorn or the horse, so you are sure to be able to please all the little ones.  

Maybe Unicorns for the girls and horses for the boys – but the opposite way works too!

Stuffed Unicorn sewing pattern

Your family or friends are going to absolutely adore you if you make them one of these. Which little girl wouldn’t want their very own Unicorn Toy? You can pick her favorite colors, or even make a special rainbow unicorn in bright or pastel colors.

The designer has given you various options of which animal you might want to make. You can sew your own felt unicorn or horse or Pegasus (mythical winged horse) or Alicorn (horned and winged horse) with this superb digital sewing pattern.

Stuffed Unicorn sewing pattern

This pattern is designed to be hand sewn with felt or similar fabric texture and will create an 8″ and 5.5″ tall felt Unicorn plush toy with sewn-in wire for gently pose-able toys.


What you will need to make this pattern:-