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Rag Doll sewing pattern

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Rag Doll sewing patternThis is the Rag Doll pdf sewing pattern from the designer 10 x 2 Studio.

Now’s your chance to make this beautiful fabric doll with this highly versatile pattern. Detailed instructions, tips, and suggested materials listed in these printable files will guide you every step of the way to making your very own doll.

When you have finished making your very own Rag Doll it will measure approximately 8″ (20 cm) tall.

The designer has made this tutorial very detailed so that even a beginner can make it with ease.

These dolls are great as a gift for all ages, as a toy, or as an art piece/decoration. They are very versatile and easy to customize.

Rag Doll sewing pattern

This pattern would make a great printable gift to give to someone who is starting to sew.

This pdf pattern includes:-

  1. Pattern and detailed instructions with photos for the doll.
  2. Detailed instructions with photos for the dress.
  3. Detailed instructions with photos for making hair (pigtails/ponytail).
  4. Tips on fabric and materials that the designer prefers using.

Rag Doll sewing pattern

The instructions are written in English with metrics in inches and centimeters.

If you would like to download the pattern you can click on the blue button below.

Click here to get the pattern