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Lazy Dog Toy sewing pattern

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Lazy Dog Toy sewing pattern

This is the Lazy Dog Toy pdf sewing pattern from the designer Makerist.

The designer describes her Lazy Dog Toy as extremely cute and designed so they can easily be carried around in small hands.

Besides making this super cute Lazy Dog you’ll also make a bone toy for him that will not only act as a comforter for your baby boy or girl, but it will bring joy and smiles every day.

The designer describes her sewing project as a bit complex for beginners, but the instructions are very detailed along with a lot of photos.

With this awesome pattern you’ll have the chance to be creative. You can mix and match different fabrics and make your puppy look incredible!

You can make these for your little one or why not make some and give them away as fun gifts to friends and family.

Lazy Dog Toy sewing pattern

What’s needed to make a Lazy Dog Toy:

  • 20″ (50 cm) by 32″ (80 cm) open cotton fabric,
  • 4″ (10 cm) by 7″ (18 cm) of black wool (or wool blend) felt for thenose, eye and back spot,
  • 10″ (5 cm) by 10″ (25 cm) open cotton fabric for the toy bone,
  • Two 0.4″ (1 cm) black button eyes,
  • Stuffing (non-allergenic toy filling, polyfil, wool, etc.),
  • Basic sewing supplies,
  • A sewing machine and needles for hand sewing.

The designer says the seam allowance is ΒΌ” (0.7 cm) and is already included in the pattern, so cut exactly on the line.

When you purchase the pdf pattern it contains the following:

  1. Easy to follow instructions and pattern pieces to make your own Lazy Dog and his Bone Toy.
  2. A list of supplies.
  3. A stitch guide.
  4. Lots of photos to help guide you along the way.
  5. Full-scale pattern pieces – no need for resizing, just print and you’re ready to start.
  6. Special tricks to make your puppy even more beautiful.

Lazy Dog Toy sewing pattern

If you would like to download the pdf pattern you can click on the blue button below.

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