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Kids Robe FREE sewing pattern with video (Sizes 3-10)

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Kids Robe FREE sewing pattern with video (Sizes 3-10)

This is the Kids Robe FREE sewing pattern from the designer Heather Handmade.

Now’s your chance to make this beginner sewing project warm kids robe that uses a flannel fabric and is great as a handmade gift.

The designer’s kids had been asking her to make their own robes for years. She kept putting them off because she thought they wouldn’t really use them. However, she eventually designed a kids robe pattern and made a robe for each of her kids, and they ended up using them constantly.

The robes have become so popular that the designer’s kids wear them whenever they are cold, in their pajamas, waking up or going to bed, or getting out of the shower. They even wear them over their clothes to stay warm around the house on an extra cold day.

The designer made the robes to be used with woven fabric. She chose flannel since it’s extra warm while still being easy to sew, easy to take care of, and easy to find. Flannel is a great warm fabric for robes and the fabric doesn’t wrinkle as bad as she thought it was going to.

Since the robe was designed to work with woven fabric, it can be used with knit fabric, but the robe will stretch horizontally and feel extra wide with all the extra stretch.

The pattern is knee length with a rounded hood and a tie belt.

Video tutorial:
The designer has also made an 8-minute YouTube video showing you how to make a Kids Robe. You can watch the video below by clicking on the play button.

The robe pattern comes in EIGHT child sizes as follows:-

  • 3,
  • 4,
  • 5,
  • 6,
  • 7,
  • 8,
  • 9,
  • 10.

What’s needed to make a Kids Robe:-

  • Free kid robe pattern – get it at the end of the designer’s post behind the locked content box – see below,
  • 2-3 yards of flannel fabric (smaller sizes need less fabric and larger fabric need more fabric),
  • Sewing tools,
  • A sewing machine.

Kids Robe FREE sewing pattern with video (Sizes 3-10)

If you would like to download the FREE pattern you can click on the purple button below which will link you to the designer’s website page. For the FREE access you will need to link to this website page ech time. However, if you don’t to access the internet every time you want to make it and you want the pattern and tutorial as a PDF then that will cost you $5.50 which you can get HERE. Or you can get the the Pattern Bundle with ALL the PDF tutorials by clicking HERE.

Click here for the FREE sewing pattern

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