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Goat Toy sewing pattern

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Goat Toy sewing pattern


This is a Toy Goat pdf sewing pattern.

This Funky Friends Factory fantastic pattern was inspired when the designer watched cute baby goat videos online. We’ve all seen them bouncing and frolicking about.

So the designer created two little baby goats (Giddy and Gus) with variations for short or long ears and an option to add on some little baby goat horns.

They’ll make a fantastic present for friends and family. We’re sure your kids or grandkids are going to adore them!

When you have finished making your own Giddy and Gus they will measure approximately 34cm (13½ inches ) long and 30cm ( 12 inches) tall.


Goat Toy sewing pattern


What you will need to make a Giddy Goat:-

  • Main fabric,
  • Contrast (horn) fabric,
  • Dark (hoof) fabric,
  • Pink felt for the nose,
  • 15mm BROWN craft eyes,
  • 12mm craft eyes.

The Giddy Goats can be sewn with most fabrics. The designer used quilting cotton but you can also use stretch fabrics like fleece or Cuddle.


Goat Toy sewing pattern


This pdf pattern includes the following:-

  1. A color photo of the Funky Friend.
  2. Full, easy-to-follow instructions.
  3. A list of material requirements.
  4. A simple layout guide.

If you would like to download the pattern you can click on the blue button below. 


Click here for the pattern

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