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Fusible Fleece Pencil Case FREE sewing tutorial

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Fusible Fleece Pencil Case FREE sewing tutorial

This is the Easy Fusible Fleece Pencil Case FREE sewing tutorial from the designer A Bright Corner, as featured on the Thermoweb blog.

The designer loves to purchase new school supplies. She loves new boxes of pens and pencils and she says don’t get her started on a new box of crayons! (I thought I was the only one with a love of stationary, but I’ve learned that many of us love our pens, paperclips, notebooks and the like.)

One of her kids noticed that all the little bits – pencils, erasers, and calculator – kept ending up at the bottom of his bag and were tough to dig out for each class. So the designer solved that problem by making him a fabulous Snap-Shut Pencil Case. A Snap-Shut mechanism is perfect because they’re quick and quiet to open and close, and easy for small hands to use.

The pencil case is so fun to make that you will want to make some more!

So what makes this pencil case so much fun? Well, there are no zippers, velcro, snaps, or buttons. Instead, amazingly the designer used two strips of tape measure to make a Snap-Shut mechanism.

You can use an old tape measure, or as the designer did, you can buy an inexpensive one. This one was $2. She pulled the tape out all the way to the end and found that they provided an easy way to detach the tape from the casing – a perfect solution.

What’s needed o make a Fusible Fleece Pencil Case:

Fusible Fleece Pencil Case FREE sewing tutorial

If you would like to check out the FREE tutorial you can click on the purple button below. This is ideal if you don’t have a printer at home because there is no pattern to download, print and cut. Fabric is cut according to measurements and its all easy rectangles. Enjoy!

Click here for the FREE sewing tutorial

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