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Animal Hand Puppets sewing pattern

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Animal Hand Puppets Sewing Pattern

A hand puppet is an excellent toy that you can give to a child. For infants and all the way up to 8 years, you will find that they will be loved and regularly played with. They represent a very unique present that you can gift to a child, as a birthday present, or for any other occasion. The fact that the puppet is handmade by you, makes it extra special!

It’s super fun for little ones to play with puppets. There will be lots of emotions and you’ll hear tonnes of laughter. They also give you as a parent a great opportunity to join in with the fun.

Animal Hand Puppets Sewing Pattern
The digital pattern includes 5 puppets – a cow, a bear, a frog, a cat and a puppy.

Puppets will help your children develop in so many ways. They are excellent for teaching social conversational skills. They also could help them concentrate and pay more attention to learning because not everyone learns in the same way. Some children are happy to read or to be read to, while others benefit from a bit more interaction and a puppet will provide that.

Puppets are also an excellent way for us grown-ups to have a good look into our children’s minds, and learn what they are thinking and feeling. We only need to start a conversation with the puppets, and very soon we will discover what our children are interested in, and how they feel, and what they are thinking.

But, puppets are fun as well. They are not just a tool for peeking into the minds of our little ones, they are also a very fun activity. They can really help children to be creative or to be just as silly as they want. They are an excellent tool for developing imaginative play.

Animal Hand Puppets Sewing Pattern

This sewing pattern is a one size fits all design for both children and adults. Step by step directions are included with real-life images for each step. A serger is not needed and the designer gives you lots of fabric recommendations. And best of all the tutorial is super easy to read and follow.

You can click on the button below to get the pattern, and this is a pattern that we are sure you will have lots of fun sewing.

Click here to get the pattern

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