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Sleep Gown or Sleep Sack sewing pattern (preemie to 6 months)

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Sleep gown or sleep sack sewing pattern (preemie-6mts)

It’s hard to not look at your newborn baby in the cradle all the time, but don’t be surprised if you see your newborn sleeping restlessly with lots of movement of his arms and legs, instead of sleeping peacefully. Don’t worry, spasmodic sleep movements are part of your normal baby’s development. Remember that your baby was used to spending time in the womb, enclosed in a small ball. Now that baby is in a big, wide world, it learns to move its limbs and it can wiggle and cuddle – that is perfectly normal. At that point, babies sleep very lightly and won`t have periods of deep sleep. It is therefore very important for your child to be safe and protected during sleep, both from these movements and accidental scratches and from tipping over.

Sleep gown or sleep sack sewing pattern (preemie-6mts)

Another advantage of sleeping gowns is that they are very practical for dressing and taking off. Once your baby has made the association that “dressing” in a sleeping gown means sleeping time, it will be easier to fall asleep.

The size and warmth of the sleeping gown are two of the most important features you need to take into account when sewing a baby`s sleeping gown. Make sure that it isn`t too big and to choose adequate fabric that will provide your baby with maximum comfort.

The Lullaby Line Baby Gown is a must-have for any new arrival. The lap closure on the shoulders and the elastic hemline make dressing and diaper changes quick and easy. The sleeves feature fold-over mitts to keep little baby`s hands warm, protected and prevent accidental scratching.

This is a beginner pattern, with clear instructions on how to do. The pattern comes with color images in PDF format, that are easy to print. The pattern pieces are computer-generated and color-coded for easy cutting, to avoid any mistakes in cutting. The sewing pattern contains layers so that you can just print the size you need, and it comes in A0 format for printing in a copy shop.

Sleep gown or sleep sack sewing pattern (preemie-6mts)

The Sleep Gown sewing pattern comes in the following sizes:

  • Preemie
  • Newborn
  • 3 months
  • 6 months.

To make a Sleep Gown you will need the following materials:

  • A soft knit fabric for the main body of the sleep sack. The designer has produced an easy-to-understand chart showing you what yardage of fabric you will need.
  • A small amount of interlock or rib knit for cuffs.
  • ½ yard of ½ inch knit elastic.

For high shrinkage knits, you should purchase an additional ¼ yard of fabric.

As extra help, the designer has produced a six-minute YouTube video showing you how to sew an envelope neck, which you will find below.

Peek-A-Boo Pattern Shop also has an awesome fabric store. is the place to go for stretch and knit fabrics. They sell sweatshirt fleece, minky, cotton lycra, stretch velvet, stretch denim, jersey knits, and super soft knit fabrics for sewing clothing. There’s a large range of printed knits which are perfect for sewing kids clothing. There’s a rewards scheme and flat rate shipping.

If you would like to download the pdf pattern you can click on the blue button below.

Download the pattern here

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