Cute Koala sewing pattern

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Cute Koala sewing pattern

Are you thinking about creating something cute and plushy for your little ones? We have a great suggestion for you! A Cute Koala, who also does gardening, I mean, how cute is that!? Sheldon, a super mind and a control freak, a character from the TV series ‘Big Bang Theory’ is in love with Koalas. He finds them super adorable, and when thinking of them, he always has a smile on his face. If you know Sheldon, you know that is rare 🙂 Also, he claims that if you ever need a super army, you should choose an army made entirely from Koalas. No one can fight against those cute little faces – so the Koala army wins instantly! So get ready to make your own plushie Cute Koala army.

Cute Koala sewing pattern

When making this cute Koala the designer doesn’t recommend any particular fabric, she says you can use any fabric that you like. And to make one of these Koalas the designer believes you should be an intermediate sewer, and once finished it will measure approximately 12″ (28 cms). If you actually want to make a smaller koala then all you need to do is print the pattern out at a smaller percentage (80% 90% etc).

The designer has made this pattern available in two different languages – English and Dutch. Her pattern has step-by-step instructions with lots of visuals and it’s super easy to follow.

The pattern does not have seam allowance included on the pattern pieces as standard, so you can add the seam allowance you are most comfortable with using, perhaps depending on whether you are sewing by hand, by machine or with a serger.

Cute Koala sewing pattern

This particular Koala really loves gardening. He has some eucalyptus leaves in his cute little hand or placed in his little pocket on his dungarees and he’s ready to do some gardening. He is wearing clothes ready for doing some serious gardening and looks awesome doing it.

We are sure that your kid will be super satisfied if you make them one. Start by clicking on the link below and have fun sewing!



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