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FREE Toddler Fleece Scarf sewing pattern

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FREE Toddler Fleece Scarf sewing pattern


Do you have a super cute fabric laying around the house, that’s just not the right size to sew anything bigger, but it’s so lovely you just have to use it?! We have a great pattern for you! Here you will find a sewing pattern for a Toddler Fleece Scarf, and thanks to the creator of the pattern, Small Dreamfactory, you will get the pattern and tutorial for FREE! The weather is getting chillier so we better start stocking up on a few scarfs – we will need them soon! 


FREE Toddler Fleece Scarf sewing pattern


Materials needed for creating the scarf:-

  • Fabric –  70 cm by 15 cm (27 inches by 6 inches) (front scarf),
  • Fleece – 70 cm by 15 cm (27 inches by 6 inches) (back scarf),
  • A strip of fabric – 4.5 cm by 150 cm (2 inches by 60 inches).

This scarf has been designed for a one-year-old. You can adjust the pattern yourself, scale it to be bigger / longer, and you can make it for your toddler as well. And yes, even wear some matching ones. It’s totally up to you! 


FREE Toddler Fleece Scarf sewing pattern


The scarf has a great feature, a little circle that allows you to tie it together nicely. You will be at ease since you won’t have to worry about the scarf falling off or untying. And your little one will be peaceful and warm – that’s what the autumn/winter is all about! Taking strolls and long walks while enjoying each others company.

If you are ready to make a scarf, then get your FREE pattern and tutorial by clicking on the button below! 


Click here to get the FREE pattern

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