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Bunnyhug Grow With Me Hoodie sewing pattern (Sizes 3mths-6yrs)

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Bunnyhug Grow With Me Hoodie sewing pattern (Sizes 3mths-6yrs)

This is the Bunnyhug Grow With Me Hoodie sewing pattern. “Bunnyhug” is what a Saskatchewan calls a pullover hoodie.

This cute Grow-With-Me Bunnyhug PDF pattern includes the three smaller sizes: 3 to 12 months, 12 months to 3T, and 3T to 6 years. All you have to do is just roll up the cuffs and waistband for the smaller sizes and unroll as your little one grows. The fun peekaboo pocket is great for using up those little knit scraps you’ve been saving.

This is the perfect pattern to pair with your favorite Grow With Me Pants, which is another pattern by this designer.

The designer rates this project as a great pattern for a confident beginner, but she recommends that a beginner should skip the pocket on their first try and check out the “Sewing with Knits” document in the Apple Tree Sewing Patterns Facebook group for lots of wonderful tips.

The designer Apple Tree Pattern Co has made this project as Grow With Me Patterns. Rather than have nearly a dozen sizes this project offers three sizes where your little one can grow within each of those three sizes. So, why Are Grow With Me Patterns so Awesome?

Bunnyhug Grow With Me Hoodie sewing pattern (Sizes 3mths-6yrs)

The designer loves Grow With Me clothing for so many reasons, five in fact which you can read about below! It saves you time, money, and can even help save the environment.

  1. Saving You Time and Money: One of the biggest reasons we love Grow with Me clothing around here is because I spend so much time making clothing for my kids, I don’t want them to outgrow it right away (especially when I really love the fabric!). This also means they will go through less clothing, saving you money!
  2. Selling Grow With Me Clothing: I also used to sell handmade baby clothing and I found it hard to justify charging fair prices for my work, but once I started expanding to Grow With Me sizes, it was easier for me to justify the price to my customers because they could see the value easier.
  3. Environmentally Sustainable: Another huge reason I love Grow With Me clothing is the sustainability factor. Kids outgrow clothing so fast! It’s not only hard on the wallet, it’s also hard on the environment. According to a post in The Guardian, if we can extend our clothing lifespan by 9 months, we can reduce our carbon footprint by 20-30%! Grow with Me clothing can be a more environmentally friendly way to clothe our kids!
  4. Fits the In-Between Sizes: We also love that Grow With Me clothing fits even during those odd in-between sizes where their legs are too long for their current size, but their waist is too small for the next size up!
  5. Diaper Bag Essential: Grow with Me clothing also makes great diaper bag clothing! If you are anything like me and you forget to change out the clothing in your diaper bag regularly, Grow with Me clothing can really save you! I keep some tester version of my patterns in the car so there is always an outfit that will fit my kids if we have a mess emergency.

Bunnyhug Grow With Me Hoodie sewing pattern (Sizes 3mths-6yrs)

When you purchase the pattern there are four files available for download. The first file is the English instructions with a full-color photo tutorial. The second file is a layered PDF document with the pattern pieces, which can be printed on US Letter sized paper from Adobe Reader (available as a free download here: The third file is an A0 sized pattern which can be sent to a copy shop to print on A0 sized paper. The fourth file is a projector file, which can be used with a home projector to project the pattern directly onto fabric. Just use the 1″ grid to ensure you are projecting the proper scale and you are good to go!

Bunnyhug Grow With Me Hoodie sewing pattern (Sizes 3mths-6yrs)

If you would like to download this pattern then you can click on the light blue button below.

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If you are looking for the larger sizes (Size 3T up to 12/13) of this pattern you can find the listing HERE. Or if you are looking for ALL sizes of this pattern (at a discounted price) you can find the listing HERE.