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Skirt with a Sash FREE sewing tutorial

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Skirt with a Sash FREE sewing tutorial


Here’s a FREE sewing tutorial for a Skirt with a Sash from the designer Dana from Made Everyday.

And doesn’t this skirt look awesome? You can easily tell that Dana’s favorite item of clothing to sew for any girl is a skirt because they turn out just fabulous!

This skirt is perfect for the summer and great in the slightly cooler months. The version shown is a fun and easy way to dress up for a holiday party, a Fall wedding, or just a day out shopping with mom.

This Skirt with a Sash can be tied in a bow, tied in a knot, tied in the front or in the back. There are just so many ways to mix it up!

That beautiful sash gives the skirt that perfect bit of character and charm. Dana says it will impress your friends as they are sure to admire your sewing skills. Because although it might look tricky, Dana has designed it to actually be quite easy to make.

It turns out to be a fairly quick-sew for such a fancy-looking skirt.


Skirt with a Sash FREE sewing tutorial


What is needed to make a Skirt with a Sash:-

So which fabrics can you use to make this amazing Skirt with a Sash? You can actually use a variety of fabrics like cotton, satin, lace, chiffon, knits. In the example that is shown by the designer, she used lace for the outer, satin for the lining, and satin for the waistband and sash.

And how about which is the best elastic type to use? The designer prefers to use Braid elastic because it tends to not roll up inside the waistband the way other elastics might. You can use 1-inch or 2-inch wide elastic. For the example skirt, the designer used 2-inch wide to give the waistband a chunky look.


Skirt with a Sash FREE sewing tutorial


If you would like to download the FREE pattern you can click on the purple button below. 


Click here for the pattern

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